The International Association of Dating Websites encourages the highest standards of ethical conduct.  Specifically, we recommend the following points be adhered to by all dating websites.

1. Strive to ensure the highest level of safety of members and their online data.

2. Strive to ensure the highest level of reliability of member profiles by encouraging members to subscribe to a service that verifies that their photos are current and their data is accurate.  All profiles that contain significant falsehoods should be deleted.

3. Clearly identify when members last logged on or changed their profiles. Membership status should also be clearly identified, including whether members have the option of responding to email messages from other members, so that members do not waste their time emailing to members who have no option to respond.

4. Clearly discuss financial policies and uphold best financial information practices.  Credit cards should never be charged without the complete approval of the customer and must never be charged after a member cancels membership. Simple membership cancellation options should be outlined for the user in an easily accessible place on the website.

5. Provide prompt customer service to deal with member problems and inquiries.

6. Honor the copyrights of the site content of other websites and always ask for permission to use that content.

7. Reciprocal links should be clearly marked on the homepage.